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Book - Saving Your Life   CONNIE E. MABRY

Connie E. Mabry has two types of credentials. The academic one is a Specialist degree in Counseling and Educational Psychology from the State University of West Georgia. But, she feels her true credential is the thirty-five years she has battled a type of Bipolar Disorder. There is no teacher like experience.

So, what she suggests as coping tools in these pages are true life experiences. She has felt every feeling, struggled with the seemingly intolerable pain, tried to explain to family and friends what she was living with, tried to understand herself,  fought the Black Demon, anguish, humiliation and misery. These are what qualifies her ultimately.

As with each one of us, she has two realities. If you were to look at her resume, you would see high achievement – both academically and professionally. Everything from excelling as a stockbroker with Smith-Barney in the early 1980’s to being voted first runner-up as GLAMOUR magazine’s Top College Girl for 1972 at the University of South Florida out of a population of over four thousand women.

But, if you knew her as a friend, you would know about her suicidal lows, her weight swings of one hundred plus pounds, her desperate attempts to find some solid ground to stand on when in the grip of depression. You would be attracted to her warm extroversion and repelled by her acerbic sarcasm depending on her chemical homeostasis.  You would feel cherished as a friend with her staunch support and bewildered at her avoidance at other times. Her moods would be difficult to deal with, yet, her ‘true self’ would ultimately keep you coming back.

This is a book of tools, learned through exhaustive battles with recurrent depression, that Connie wants to share with others in the hopes that even a single suggestion might be that one effort that makes the difference for some of you.

Although the meditation for any particular day may not help at that particular moment, it may  register subconsciously, and be available when you do not know where to turn.

DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that all ideas in the book, verbally provided via her speaking engagements and correspondence through the Internet are strictly her opinions and, in no way, substitute for medical advice.

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